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Funny Movies

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Funny MoviesFunny Movies and Discrimination

Funny movies are in fact great. We definitely need a good laugh from time to time because it makes us forget  everyday stress and nuisances. There are funny movies for all age groups and for all categories of people.

For instance, children and parents alike might enjoy animation funny movies. They are excellent for a rainy Sunday afternoon when they can’t play outside. Young lovers might like romantic funny movies while mature adults might find relaxation in satirical movies or in black comedies.

There is something for everybody in terms of funny movies. However, there are also certain types of movies which you should avoid, if possible. Certain themes from funny movies are pretty controversial. Even though we live in a non-discriminatory society, there are still some funny movies which incorporate racist jokes or which make fun of gays and lesbians. These are just a few examples of inappropriate funny movies. In fact, any joke or image that makes you think about discrimination is inappropriate content. First of all, you should not allow your kids to watch funny movies with such jokes. In real life, we try to teach our kids solid principles. They hear all the time that discrimination is not good and that we are all humans despite of the skin color, sexual orientation or religious preferences. Nevertheless, they see funny movies in which white people make fun of black ones or in which the main characters laugh on the expense of a gay or a lesbian. This is incredibly confusing for the kids. Such funny movies simply teach them that it’s fine to make fun of other people or, even worse, you can make fun of them as long as you don’t do it in front of other persons.

It’s hard to teach your kids what’s right and wrong when a funny movie can ruin your efforts. How can you tell your kid that it’s never fine to make fun of someone, not even in the company of your closest friends, when racist jokes are in a lot of funny movies?

On the other hand, it is also impossible to watch every movie on your own and to decide in advance if its content is appropriate for your kids or not. As your kids grow, they will get to choose their own funny movies. All you can do if a racist joke appears on the screen is to explain once again to your kids that this is not appropriate. Even though the actors on the screen seem to have a lot of fun, they are not doing the right thing and they are not supposed to behave like that. Hopefully, your kids will get the message.

The truth is that children nowadays spend a lot of time in front of the TV. Leaving aside possible discriminatory jokes in funny movies, there are also lots of other reasons why you should keep your kids away from the TV. There is simply too much violence and injustice on the screen.

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